(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Doing this (mostly) wordless wednesday post was inspired by Monica, author of Run Eat RepeatMaybe someday I’ll be able to do an all out wordless post…

Good morning world.

2012-12-12 05.52.24

In love with this purchase.

2012-12-12 05.59.56

Making myself look presentable for work.
2012-12-12 06.06.36

In love with THIS recent purchase as well. Especially when it’s in my breakfast.

2012-12-12 06.29.01

The same sweet breakfast scramble as yesterday with the news.

2012-12-12 06.33.58

Hello, work at 7am.

2012-12-12 06.57.05

Mid-morning clementines (accompanied by a holiday bonus!!! eeeeee!)

2012-12-12 09.31.07

Staff Holiday luncheon at the St. Regis hotel. See me in the mirror there?

2012-12-12 11.35.51

2012-12-12 11.36.01

Pumped for green beans2012-12-12 12.47.33

and MEAT.
2012-12-12 12.48.19

I could have eaten these raviolis all day. I didn’t- but I could have.2012-12-12 12.47.45

The big ol’ onions in the dish were so delicious.

2012-12-12 12.47.56

Dessert. No other words needed.2012-12-12 12.47.19

I hadn’t had a quality gingerbread cookie in forever (so good).

2012-12-12 12.48.36The cutest of all the cookies…

2012-12-12 13.07.13

So much chocolate.2012-12-12 13.07.19

So much chocolate in my belly.2012-12-12 13.09.25Our staff does Christmas carols.

2012-12-12 13.15.40

Dismissed early for the day and home by mid-afternoon.2012-12-12 14.40.08

Home in sweats that is. And ready to tackle some Christmas to-do list items.2012-12-12 14.40.20

Wrapping and crafting, crafting and wrapping.2012-12-12 14.47.32

Post-body pump workout, I craved pancakes instead of the dinner I had planned.2012-12-12 19.46.31

So I experimented using Tina’s recipe for gluten free egg nog pancakes.2012-12-12 19.48.03

Ugly, but yummy. Sometimes you just want breakfast for dinner.2012-12-12 20.00.00

Topped with sunbutter, chia seeds, and banana slices.

2012-12-12 20.03.02

Prep for breakfast tomorrow- some sweet potato mashed with 1/2 a banana to be cooked into oatmeal (more experimentation).2012-12-12 20.35.48

Finishing up some crafts and getting glue all over my hands.2012-12-12 20.36.20

Wrapping more presents and aw-ing over the cute polar bears on my wrapping paper.

2012-12-12 20.37.57

In ten minutes I’ll be diving into… (because my sister is getting way ahead of me)

2012-12-12 20.36.58

but first, my feet are getting rough (sorry if you’re grossed out by this. my feet work hard and get dry and all crazy- deal with it).2012-12-12 20.37.20

and then bed time. nice and early. because I’m exhausted.



2 thoughts on “(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Looks like you had a great Wednesday! The food looked so yummy at the party. Best present of all out of work early(or maybe the bonus?)!Just dawned on me this morning I better get wrappin’…Sorry I missed your call,busy at the pantry with Mema. Love you!

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