Circle of Fun

I am happy to report that I got a full night’s sleep last night. Those of you who have been reading my posts know how happy this made me. I’ve been world’s sleepiest girl in DC lately and it was so nice to finally fall asleep at a reasonably hour and sleep through the night. Of course I was still tired when I woke up at 6am- but my body felt so much better.

Why was I up at 6am on my day off? Bootcamp class. No rest for the weary determined!

At the morning bootcamp classes the instructor writes the warmup and workout up on the chalk board. Today he was a real funny guy:

2012-11-30 08.00.34

Because the class was full of people who are bootcamp regulars, he left us up to our own devices to warmup. I cracked up when I saw the board. After ten minutes of stair runs, stretches, and some outdoor runs around the block- he had us work on some jumps.

2012-11-30 08.00.46

He marked on the chalk floor where he thought was an “eh” jump (he literally wrote “eh” on the floor to remind us) and what was a good jump distance (the line just above “eh”).

Now the workout… you might be wondering what a circle of fun is. We were told to grab a pair of the heaviest weights we could carry down by our sides. Then we all marched around in a circle carrying the weights until we essentially couldn’t carry them anymore. I wish I could have taken a picture of this. Other people at the gym definitely enjoyed watching us do this. Once everyone put down their weights because they couldn’t take any more, we ran around the block. This was completed four times.

I like workouts like this because I feel like they’re actually working my body in functional ways that it needs to know how to do well. My friend Nick and I (he was taking the class with me) were talking about how carrying the heavy weights around the circle was like the equivalent of carrying our groceries. Living in the city, we both walk a lot- including to and from the grocery store.

Also, I feel like running short block-like distances are more common in everyday life (over say- running 4 miles just for the hell of it). Bootcamp classes definitely prepare you for the real world more than a lot of classes or workouts would.

I brought breakfast with me and ate it at Au Bon Pain alongside some tea. I took this picture after devouring most of my pumpkin overnight oats. These oats were even better than usual because they had a tbl. of maple syrup stirred in as well 🙂 my sweet tooth was content.

2012-11-30 08.16.07

Post breakfast I headed up to my usual counseling appointment and then did some Christmas shopping over at Union Station. My counseling center is on Capitol Hill so I figured- hey why not walk over to Union Station’s shops. Plus, I knew it would be good to plan something fun after my counseling appointment (because we all know they can be heavy sometimes and hard to bounce back from afterwards).

After a day of shopping, meeting back up for lunch with Nick at Merzi (a quick and healthy Indian food place), grocery shopping, and errrand running- it was REALLY nice to be home. I love having time in my apartment to myself after long days.

My mental breather included sitting on my couch, catching up on some emails, and drinking dunkin iced coffee with a couple splashes of my soy egg nog.

I’ve also been listening to my Christmas music playlist and enjoying some of the tastes from home that my Mom so thoughtfully sent me this week! I got a really sweet package from her yesterday and am ever so thankful for all the goodies it entailed:

2012-11-29 17.13.47

Even the packaging was fun- loved it.

2012-11-29 17.26.03

Cashmere socks, DUNKIN COFFEE (be still my beating heart), an ornament, new school pictures of my sisters (so pretty), a festive plate, and some fun cookie cutters!

2012-11-29 17.26.35

Here’s a close up on the cute ornament she sent me!

2012-11-29 17.19.55

Plus this fun santa jar filled with white chocolate/peppermint pretzel crisps (so yummy). If you’re looking for a sweet treat that won’t break your calorie bank- I highly recommend these!

2012-11-29 17.25.26

Oh and this candle topper from home! I recognized it right away and loved that she sent it to me. It fit perfectly on my red apple wreath candle!

2012-11-30 17.47.52

I’ve been enjoying it since I’ve been home. Look at the snowmen all around the fire! Good thing this isn’t a realistic scene, otherwise those snowmen would be all melted up.

Currently I’m waiting for Will to get home (he works during the week in NYC and comes home every weekend) and I have some fun surprises for him (besides all the decorations I’ve put up while he’s been away)! I’m only posting about this because I know he won’t have time to read this before he gets home he he 😉

As a way for us to get into the Christmas spirit, I decided to fill a jar with little pieces of paper- each with something fun and holiday-y for him and I to do together. The idea is to pull out a piece of paper (we’ll probably do a couple a day seeing as we’re only together on the weekend) and do whatever the paper says! Simple.

I got this idea from Tina of Carrots and Cake. Tina wanted a way to have a “holiday bucket list” of things she wanted to do with her husband throughout the month of December. Tina wrote, “We both really love this time of year, so I created something we could do together as a ways to celebrate the season and our relationship. It’s a little cheesy, but the holiday seasons always flies by, so I wanted to find a way to really enjoy it together.” I clearly LOVED this concept and am really excited about it 🙂 Click through to her blog for some ideas if you want to make one of your own!

The holidays are all about spending time with the people you love- so why not make something like this to make sure you are getting to do all the things you like to do during this time of year with those people! It doesn’t have to be a significant other- it could be for family members and/or friends as well!

2012-11-30 18.41.14

I also got him something a little special…

2012-11-30 17.43.52

(Yes I drew a heart on that bottle) He loves Delirium Tremens beer- and a couple weeks ago my friend alerted me to the fact that they have a holiday flavor! Mmmmm! I know he’ll be pumped when he sees this in the fridge.

OKAY I really gotta wrap up this post. I’m starving for some dinner! I think I’m going to make a frittata with all the leftover vegetables in my fridge…

I love throw together dinners like that. Frittatas are super easy too: grab a pie dish or a skillet you can put in the over, spray with cooking spray or some oil, beat 4-6 eggs- pour them into your cooking device of choice, add about 2 tbl. of milk, throw in whatever cooked veggies you have (maybe some cheese? maybe a chopped apple? some cooked bacon if you have it? whatever you think would taste good), salt, pepper- bake for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees (or until the top of the eggs have started to brown). DONE. Breakfast for dinner! (and you all know how much I love breakfast... best meal of the day hands down).

Here’s a link to a frittata recipe from Kraft to prove to you how easy frittatas are.

Plus, here is a link to another frittata recipe I’ve tried and blogged about. This one was made with apple and cheddar! Mmmmm.

AND Here’s a link to some other breakfast recipes I’ve made if I’ve now made you crave breakfast foods (sorry I’m not sorry).

This weekend is going to be a busy one for me so until I have time to post again, readers, enjoy life, eat good foods, and get out and move xoxo


5 thoughts on “Circle of Fun

  1. Yeaahh,finally a good nights sleep! I’m so happy you like the stuff we sent, the topper looks great! The pretzel crisps are from Trader Joe’s and come in a 6oz bag-140calories for 6 crisps!! They are definately a holiday treat must have for me! Yum! I really like the holiday “to do” jar idea. Something to look forward to and it’s kinda like a surprise! Plus I love doing holiday-ish stuff! Have a beautiful weekend! It’s snowing outside right now,mine is off to a great start! Love you! Talk to you Sunday!

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