How I Spend a Day Off

I love days off from work. This four day weekend has been wonderful- I cannot lie.

Here’s how I spent my Monday:

1. 7am Bootcamp Class

Most people sleep in on their days off but my body doesn’t really let me do that anymore so I figured hey- why not do the morning bootcamp class at my gym (which I’ve never tried before!)

I rolled out of bed at six and groggily chomped on a banana with some almond butter and threw on my workout clothes. My friend Nick joined me for the class with a free pass that my gym offers. It was harder than my usual bootcamp classes but I was a big fan of the workout we did. It included 60 burpees though (rough times).

It was so bizarre to be done working out by 7:45am. I’d say THAT’S a productive morning.

2. Reveling in the Gorgeous Weather

I cannot believe it’s been in the 60s here. It has made walking around and being active outdoors so pleasant.

3. Treat Yo Self Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien

Post workout, Nick and I took a walk on the French side and hit up Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast. I got coffee, an egg scramble with tomatoes and scallions (which comes with a lil salad), and a side fruit salad (not pictured).

Eggs are so good always. I could have easily come home and made my own breakfast but sometimes its nice to have someone make breakfast for you. Not always- but today was a special day off 🙂

4. November Plank Challenge

Even though I accomplished my 3 min. plank goal of the November Plank Challenge a week early, I decided to keep it going for this last week just to see how long I could get my time to. For those of you keeping track, the challenge ends Friday.

I held it for 3 min. 10 sec. and FLOPPED on the ground. BAH. Exhausting.

5. Homemade Lunch

Inspired by a beautiful blog called Edible Perspective, I threw together a spinach, strawberry, avocado, and goat cheese open faced sandwich for lunch.

I didn’t put the care the original recipe calls for into the recipe but it was still delicious. I just smeared 1/2 an avocado on two sandwich thins, topped that with a handful of spinach, sliced defrosted strawberries, pepper, basil, and 2 tbl. of goat cheese.

Then I heated it up in my toaster oven.

Sweet- savory- yummy.

6. Thanksgiving Crafting

So back in September I bought a maple leaf whole punch for fall crafting (with some specific creations in mind). I finally got to work on some Thanksgiving projects I had been thinking about. It’s less than two weeks away eeeeeeeek!

I used the punch to make name cards for Thanksgiving day. I’m not showing you until Thanksgiving- sorry I’m not sorry.

Lucky for me there was a Sex and the City marathon on TV. You bet that’s what accompanied my crafting.

Then I just made some “Give Thanks” letter decorations to add to my photo hanger near the kitchen. Nothing too special but it makes me happy!

I am very thankful for all the people in those photos.

7. Sloppy Dinner

Dinner was delicious but messy. I made my usual turkey burgers (I made two- one to eat tomorrow) and I roasted some cauliflower.

BUT I decided to coat the cauliflower with garlic salt (and olive oil) and then some Franks Buffalo Hot Sauce. How have I never done this before?! I melted a little shredded cheddar into the mixture.

Also, I bought mushrooms for the first time this week and sliced those up to cook with my burgers (and drizzled some Worcestershire on them).

My plate was saucy and sloppy but everything on it was so good.

So- not the most exciting day in the world but it was laid back and full of things I love to do. A+ Monday in my book.

And now, I’m going to go crawl into bed and read Rowling’s Casual Vacancy for a while until I go to sleep. I’m digging it so far! It still is just so weird to me, being a HUGE Harry Potter lover, that she is the author of this book. I keep expecting some magic to pop in somewhere.

Hope all your weeks got off to a good start xoxo


2 thoughts on “How I Spend a Day Off

  1. Hey! My name is Kori and I’m the communications director at Balance. Just wanted to drop a line and tell you I’m really digging your blog and thanks for all the shout outs! Keep up the good work! Let me know if you ever need anything, have any suggestions for the gym, etc. Hope to see you around soon!

    • Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog- I hope it’s okay that I’ve been talking you guys up (I can’t help it!). Also, thanks for reaching out to me. I’m constantly trying new classes and figuring out the combination of cardio/strength/everything that makes me happy while also meeting my fitness goals. It can be overwhelming sometimes especially because I’m so new to working out so having a wicked supportive staff at balance is awesome. I’ll be there on Thursday for bootcamp most definitely 🙂

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