True Life: I’m an Apple Hoarder

I absolutely love apples. Can you tell?

I don’t think I’m going to make it apple picking this year ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Sorry 2012 Bucket List. To make up for this horrible truth, I think my brain just went into “buy all the apples!” mode. That’s a thing, right?!

The people who shop at my nearby Whole Foods tend to just be buying for themselves or picking up a few things for dinner- so I always feel like a huge freak when I buy like everything in the store. Or in this case- all the apples they had in stock. Haters gon hate.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. I then got one of the greatest packages I’ve ever gotten from my Mom. Guess what was inside? MORE APPLES. But these are special because they’re from C.N. Smith Farm, which is close by to our house back home.

Other reasons why this was such an amazing package?

My Mom knows me WAY too well. DUNKIN PUMPKIN COFFEE. Honey sticks and a fun pumpkin/gourd of some sort (from C.N. Smith Farm). And…

SWEET POTATO BUTTER. I’M SO EXCITED. Guys- I love all these things. Oh, plus- she wrapped it all in this really Fall-y and pretty table cloth! Perfect for this time of year.

Mom knows best ๐Ÿ™‚ Much appreciated- I love her.

Anyway, this weekend I spent some quality time reading blogs this weekend, one called “Healthy in Candy Land” in particular. She’s a stay-at-home mom from the pacific northwest who wants to show that healthy eating can be easy and fun.

Her recipes looked great- so great that I made two of her simple apple recipes over the course of the weekend. I have a lot of apples- gotta start using them.

The first was called: Sauteed Apples and Oat Crumble. I made this for breakfast (best breakfast I’ve had in a while). Warm apples and cinnamon over greek yogurt and topped with oat crumble? Sign me up.

Mmmm apple slices- my favorite apples, honeycrisp.

If there was a picture of me- you’d see a girl trying not to eat all the cinnamon covered warm apple chunks.

The oat mixture is oats (obviously), maple extract, cinnamon, and apple sauce (heated for 30 seconds before topping the apples)

Cozy, delicious breakfast.

The second recipe I literally just made is called:ย Apple Salsaย which I plan on serving over a taco salad with ground turkey, kale, arugula, green pepper, and avocado. Right now it’s sitting in the fridge and all the flavors are blending.

The salsa contains an apple, cilantro, jalapeno, red onion, honey, & lime juice! So simple.

I’m wearing my glasses today instead of contacts and forgot how badly chopping onion stings my eyes and makes them water! My contacts usually block out all that nonsense. Today I had my guard down.ย May or may not have gone blind making this.

This recipe sounded good for some healthy game day food.GO PATRIOTS. They are on right now, the weather is rainy/cold, and I am soooo content.

On that note. I need to get back to my Patriots and my comfy couch.ย 

Stay tuned for all the ways in which I use my apples this week xoxo


6 thoughts on “True Life: I’m an Apple Hoarder

  1. Glad your mom got you some of our apples! We had a nice season and very busy pick your own weekends. Hope you make it back home next year (maybe in the summer for strawberries or blueberries?) Check out our blog via
    Regards and enjoy those honey crisps!

    • I couldn’t be happier she sent them to me! C.N. Smith Farm is definitely something I miss about home. My boyfriend raved about how much better YOUR apples were than the store bought ones I already had in the kitchen.

      I can only hope to visit sometime in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for checking out my blog- clicking over to yours as soon as I finish this sentence.

  2. Hi Allison – this is Carly’s mom!! I love reading your blog and I am so proud of you!! You look great!! Last weekend, Carly came home and we went to the apple orchard that we always go to here in Virginia. We always get the Fujis – they are delicious, not to mention the apple cider!! Keep up the good work!!

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