Everlasting Summer

Labor Day weekend is supposed to be the last weekend of summer and when we all transition to fall. Well DC makes that transition pretty damn hard when it’s still SO HOT and HUMID here.

Despite my annoyance at the wicked hot/gross weather, I tried to to embrace the fact that it’s still clearly summer and fall won’t be happening for a while. Gotta make the most out of what life gives you, right?

THIS post will focus on my summery Labor Day weekend activities.

Starting with my nail polish.

Rockin’ my go to summer color while I still can. And ice coffee (which I mean, I drink all year but is more refreshing when it’s hot hot hot outside)

As much as I LOVE fall flavors- summer has been good to me this year. Over the weekend, I whipped up a salad for lunch consisting of avocado, peach, chicken, and cucumber mmmmm good. I’ve been lovin’ on peaches a lot this summer.

This weekend I was also VERY thankful for the new water bottle I picked up on Friday in Georgetown. Ever since I lost my last camelbak water bottle, I have been so sad. Hello, new friend! (And hello to you as well, Will- the boyfriend)

My bike tire officially and surprisingly has a hole in it- sad life 😦 SO the bike ride Will and I had planned for Saturday was a no go. We ran errands at Target and then went on a 5.5 mile walk around the city instead. We like to walk and explore the District.

No, we didn’t go to the beach 🙂 I WISH.
But we did walk by the volleyball courts on the coast of the Potomac.

It was a little hot/humid, but it was bearable. The sun went down and it became a lovely summer night. There was thunder and lightning later in the evening- but Will and I LOVE storms so we were content.

Georgetown waterfront prettiness along our walk.

Checked out some old channels we had never noticed before in Georgetown.
Excuse my makeup less face- I didn’t shower that day. No shame.

Today my friend Jess had a Labor Day cookout and it was a lotta fun. She had the idea convienantly when I was on my way to Target with Will so I was able to buy fruit for a big ol’ fruit salad!

Pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, kiwi, orange, and banana! (the banana was kept on the side till today so it wouldn’t turn to mush)

Nothing says summer like a big bowl (or punch server… sorry, I didn’t have a big enough bowl haha) of fruit.

My kitchen/trashcan resembled a juicy, fruit massacre by the time I was done. There was a lot of snacking happening throughout this process.

Anddd thank the Lord I worked out this morning because a lot of snacking happened allllll day today in general. No regrets- it was a holiday 😉 This was the 45 minute treadmill workout I did in the morning (thank you Carrots ‘n’ Cake!). I had to lower the incline levels a bit because my knees haven’t been in the best shape lately.

Back to the daily grind tomorrow. Good thing it’s a short week for me! Only three days- wahooooooo!

Hope you all had great Labor Day weekends xoxo


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