New Week, New Month

Before I left for Jersey yesterday to visit my best friend Kate, I tried to get some stuff done that I normally reserve for Sundays. I didn’t want to come back today from my mini-vaca and be super stressed.

Grocery shopping and food prep time!

Whole Foods was gettin’ it’s Fall on! Mums, pumpkins, and hay all over.

Fresh, new produce in my kitchen always makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ย I also invested in a new ingredient for my pantry…

It’s Fall- you gotta go cranberries.ย 

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Zucchini Noodles & the End of September

Let me tell you about one of the greatest kitchen creations invented that was delivered to me on Friday.ย 

Say hello to my julienne peeler. Worth every penny of the ten dollars I spent on it. Here’s the link to the one I bought on amazon. To think, I had been cutting zucchini and eggplant in thin, linguine shaped slices with a pairing knife for months. I’m an idiot apparently… this is a better, more delicious, and easier way.

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Day in the Life: Thursday Edition

I’ve been getting requests from some friends and readers to talk more about a complete day of eating for me. So to satisfy these cravings, I recorded my life yesterday: food, exercise, and some highlights in between to hopefully inform/entertain you all.

Gooooood morning DC! According to the space in between my eye and eyebrow, I have some crusted toothpaste on my bathroom mirror- score!

I don’t care about such a problem because it was THURSDAY (my Friday)

and PAY DAY. HOLLA.ย (click through to get your soul on)

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Hello, Butternut Squash!

Yesterday was a good day because…

  1. I felt almost 100% better.
  2. I got to go to the gym and go for a short run and do some light lifting (!) I’m getting BACK in the GAME.
  3. A fun package from my Grandparents came in the mail!
  4. I tried a new recipe with a vegetable I’ve never cooked before.

Check out what I got from my thoughtful Grandparents:

Leafy dish towels (they’re really pretty!)…

A pretty fall wreath/decorating piece (and a really nice note :))

Have I mentioned how much I love my family?

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Cauliflower Turned Rice

Thank you to the authors of “Well Fed” for leading me to this concept. I would have never thought that I could turn cauliflower into rice. These people are GENIUS.

First of all- I’ve never even bought cauliflower before let alone turn it into rice. When I went to chop it into florets on food prep Sunday I had NO idea how to attack the large head of cauliflower before me. Thank God for Google. THIS site showed me how it’s done.

Hint: you start by cutting it into quarters.

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Broccoli a la Allison

Tonight I share with you the dinner I made for Will and I.

I used a recipe from “Well Fed” called Greek Broccoli and played with it a bit. Thanks for the inspiration, guys!

Brocoli a la Allison is a dish that combines broccoli, shrimp, and whole wheat ravioli! As Paleoย aficionados, the authors of Well Fed wouldn’t be too happy if they knew I added pasta to one of their dishes ๐Ÿ˜‰

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First Weekend of Fall Recap

Lovely readers. I have to confess. I’ve been off my blogging game. I haven’t been posting a lot of recipes or workouts and for that, I am sorry if I’ve let anyone down.

Being sick has worn me out and made me feel not like myself. I haven’t had much of an appetite and haven’t been able to workout- two major aspects of my life and two focuses of this blog! In between trying to rest, get better, and enjoy the beautiful weather weekend we had here in DC, I sort of left my blog hanging. I’m sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’m not allllll the way better. Getting there. Yesterday I had no voice! Yikes. It’s mildly back now… but I sound a little creepy.

So I don’t have any “recipes” to offer you (I’ve been resting… A LOT) or kickass workouts- but if you’re curious as to what I’ve been up to here is a roundup of my weekend:

I read a new book called “Well Fed” by Melissa Joulwan

Helllllo new cookbook! If you’ve never heard of “Paleo“- read this blog entry!ย It’s also been called the caveman’s diet and it resembles the diets of our hunter/gatherer ancestors. They don’t do processed foods, grains (including whole grains), legumes, dairy, or sugar. They put a strong emphasis on meat and veggies (plus nuts, healthy fats, and fruit).

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