Massachusetts Here I Come!

(be sure to check out one of my workouts I laid out for you below)

My dearest readers- I am going to leave you again for an extended weekend. But this lil vacation is to my favorite place in the world- MASSACHUSETTS

Words cannot describe my excitement. I can’t wait to spend time with my family.
We have plans to go to the beach and go to a red sox game so obviously I am set.

I’m not going to lie, I feel some slight anxiety about being in a place where I can’t buy my own food, make all my own meals, and knowing I’m going to over indulge a little.

BUT I’m taking my own advice and reminding myself that I know what I’m doing and am in complete control over what I eat and how much I eat. I’m a smart lady and there’s no need to stress! SO be quiet, ultimate worrier Allison. 

At the end of the day, the best part about not being on a crazy diet and having eating right and exercising be a lifestyle is that it doesn’t matter where I am because those two things are constants in my life now and there’s no switch that can be pressed to all of a sudden change my habits. My way of life has evolved over time into the way that works best for me and is also wicked healthy. And THAT’S a good feeling. Rewiring your relationship with food can be hard, but over time it is possible and change happens with persistance and slow, gradual changes (NOT overnight).

Going home and traveling are opportunities to see how much of a “lifestyle” your eating/exercising habits really are. If they can’t handle the bends and sways of your life, then well, that might be a sign that you need to think again about your healthy habits- contemplate- and reconfigure what you’re doing.

ANYWAY- I promise I’ll give you the run down of all the delicious food items I consume while I’m home and the fun things I partake in.

In the meantime, make the most of the rest of your week and weekend! Have fun and do something new in terms of exercise or healthy eating. Laugh with friends, go out, dance, celebrate life in whatever way you do best (maybe that means watching Bravo for hours- I’m certainly not judging).

And here is that workout I promised 🙂

  • This workout requires two free/hand weights. Aim for somewhere in the 8-12 pound range- or more of course!
  • Warm up with 10 min. of cardio- jogging, running, walking a staircase, jump rope, etc. to get the heart rate up.
  • 12 reps of each // 5 sets:
  • Squat to Overhead Press- squat with a weight in each hand, holding the weights up at your shoulders, and when you stand from said squat, thrust the weights into the air overhead (use the momentum from standing up to help power your arms upward)
  • Walking Lunges- hold a weight in each hand down at your sides, step forward into a lunge, pause briefly here, raise up bringing your back foot forward so it’s like you stepped forward (each step aka lunge is one rep)
  • Pushups- simple as that, just do pushups whether all out or in a modified position with your knees touching the ground
  • Butt Burner- this one I learned from Self Magazine
  • Knee to Elbow Extension- hold one weight with both hands overhead, over your right shoulder. now, take your left leg, straighten it completely (toes pointed) out to the left. In one motion, bend your left leg up to your chest and bring your hands and the weight down to meet your knee (tap the knee with the bottom of the weight). Lower leg back to starting. DO SIX then switch sides/legs and DO SIX (for 12 reps) Confused? See my awkward pics that explain this move better and ignore my facial expressions/on break from lunch business wear.

  • Record how long it takes you to get through your sets and in a week or so- redo the workout and try and improve your time!
  • Don’t get frustrated if you can’t do any of these movements- work toward doing them accurately and do as many reps/sets as you can without crossing the line of pushing yourself and overdoing it completely.
  • Utlize google if you’re confused with my explanations- or straight up email me at for clarification.

Hope you all have perfect weekends xoxo
& feel free to contact me with workout questions- or any questions for that matter!


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