Day of Firsts: Yoga and Pineapple Cutting

When a pineapple is on sale for $1.99- you gotta buy it.

I realized, however, that I had never cut my own pineapple before… first time for everything, right?

FYI: is a real thing (cue all the LOLz)

It wasn’t hard at all but it was WAY juicier than I expected! My counter is slanted and I stupidly did not anticipate a niagara falls equivalent of pineapple juice so that was a hot mess but overall it was a success!

Now I have a tupperware container in my fridge of sweet, tangy, and all around delicious pineapple! It’s going to make for a good/different snack for the next few days.


AND I went to my 1st YOGA CLASS at Buddha B Yoga on U Street! (thank you Groupon!)

I was freaking out on my walk over to the studio. It was a little ridiculous how nervous I was. I was terrified and worried about getting stares from experienced yogis because let’s be real, I was going to have NO IDEA what I was doing minus a few poses. Everything else- another language and a lifestyle I’m not in sync with.

The studio was very comfortable though and I was able to sit by a nice fan on my lil’ rented yoga mat (maybe soon I’ll invest in my own). I decided to go the no shame route and chat up the people around me. They were SO NICE and were genuinely excited that it was my first class. And the instructor Katie was really kind and focused on doing what was best for your body. She emphasized so many times that if we needed to take it easy or were inexperienced that it was okay to rest. I didn’t feel judged in the slightest- thanks guys 🙂

Actually, I had never ever felt so welcome in a fitness class in my life. Everyone was so at ease and focused on relaxing, breathing, and moving their own bodies without concern as to how other people were moving (go figure!) I had to look around a few times to make sure I was doing things right, but no one stared or judged or acted self conscious. It was so refreshing. It didn’t feel like a race or a competition in any way.

While I love to beast out crossfit routines and workout listening to upbeat and intense music- I can’t emphasize enough how amazing it was to just take it slow for an hour and relax. Anxiety prone Allison may have just found an extremely helpful outlet…

Maybe it was the calming instructor. Maybe it was her call for reflection and deep introspection. Maybe it was the supportive yogis. Maybe it was the smell of the smoldering incense. Maybe it was the music, the om chanting, the breathing, or the fact that I was pretty overtired. Whatever it was, now don’t judge me (please), I sort of teared up at the end of the class because I was SO HAPPY and calm and I felt so good in my own skin.

BAH. Definitely going back without a doubt. Just signed up for a class on Saturday. My only regret is not going sooner.

Lesson: always try new things and don’t be scared. Simple- but true.

Namaste xoxo


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