Hello Hello Hello!

After contemplating starting a healthy lifestyle blog for a LONG time- I’m finally committing. I was really scared to do this for some reason…

But alas, here it is! My name is Allison and to spare you the details of why I started this and the background as to who I am- I’ve provided some helpful pages above if you want to read up on my life. I promise it’s at least mildly interesting.

Basics about me besides my name? Since January I’ve been losing weight through healthy eating and exercising. I’m originally from Massachusetts and now live in Washington D.C. post graduating from American University in May. I’m doing my best to figure things out in this city as a twenty-something.

Me on my balcony (the best part of my apartment) eating one of my favorite foods, sweet potatoes!

Back to those lil pages above- they’re pretty self explanatory butttttt essentially:

About/Contact tells you how to reach me and more about my life
Calorie Count is my advice on losing weight by counting calories
Fitness details how I workout
Groceries gives you what I keep in my kitchen
Inspirations details some important motivators for me
Meals shows you what I eat on a regular basis
Weight Loss goes through my weight loss journey and relationship with food/exercise
You’re Beautiful emphasizes that we need to love ourselves more

In terms of what I’ll post- I’ll do my absolute best to post a handful of times a week with new exercise things I’ve been doing, new meals or foods I’ve been trying, tips and tricks I learn or have learned, healthly lifestyle words of wisdom, online musings, and general things from my world that I think other people would take something away from if I shared!

Please please please comment away and feel free to email me at wickedhealthywashingtonian@gmail.com anytime with questions or advice or anything really.

Thanks for reading xoxo


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